Many corporations have departments or units that are split into teams. Many teams have a senior position that leads and guides the teammates; reviewing work and signing off on work. The division between seniors and subordinates can cause tension for the intragroup. The social stigma of being a subordinate in a team can be difficult without an effective leader. Many employees are vying for higher positions that are not available and can hurt moral.  The group dynamics may deteriorate and the department becomes fragmented. The teams must conform to their own team and can divide a department. The senior must be proactive in the position with positive philosophies of teamwork and collaboration. The problem with team members is individuals are concerned about themselves instead of developing an altruistic environment.  We are experts in assessing these scenarios and working with the hierarchy in seeking remedies and resolution. 

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Businesses spend over $164 billion dollars in training and development each year. What is the success and retention rate for the dollars spent? Obviously not successful enough. Loss of talent means exponential costs to advertise, interview, assess, screen, hire, and on-boarding. Some on-boarding programs last up to 90 days, and no guarantee the new hire will stay. If your company has not heard of industrial organizational psychology the time to learn is now. We specialize in the study of workplace behavior and use concepts and theories developed specifically to solve problems. Come learn what we can do for your company or organization.


Our philosophy is understanding the fundamental nature of employee workforce behavior and providing the principles of industrial organizational psychology that create positive intrinsic and extrinsic behavioral change.
​​We deliver innovative solutions that enable employers to garner best practices when dealing with internal and external relationships. We build on relationship values, honesty, and congruency. We believe in working in harmony; a symphony of collaboration and trust.


As a consulting firm, we work closely with the leaders of your company and find solutions that match your business needs and philosophies. We are your liaison to positive leadership and successful change while guarding your anonymity and direction.